What to Know About Splitting Debt in a Divorce

Are you getting a divorce from your spouse, but you two also have various liabilities and debt that need to be divided as well? Here are some things to know about how this part of the divorce process will go. Community Property Laws May Apply If you live in a state that has community property laws, this means that both spouses are responsible for debts that are incurred during the marriage, no matter who is responsible for creating the debt. Read More 

Common Cases That An Experienced Family Law Firm Can Take For Clients

Legal matters are not reserved solely for people in business, real estate, or other professions. They can also entangle relatives in contentious matters that can only be settled by going to court. When you find yourself facing off against someone to whom you are related, you can hire an attorney to make the case easier to handle. You can hire a family law firm to represent you in a number of legal cases involving loved ones. Read More