Common Cases That An Experienced Family Law Firm Can Take For Clients

Legal matters are not reserved solely for people in business, real estate, or other professions. They can also entangle relatives in contentious matters that can only be settled by going to court.

When you find yourself facing off against someone to whom you are related, you can hire an attorney to make the case easier to handle. You can hire a family law firm to represent you in a number of legal cases involving loved ones.

Child Custody

The question of custody of minor children can be contentious and emotional. You and your relatives may not agree with whom the children should live. You also may dispute facts about their safety and health.

When you want to settle the matter permanently and peacefully, you can retain a family law attorney to represent you. This attorney can make motions in court to convince the judge to award you physical custody of the children. He or she can also petition the court to limit other relatives' access to them and ask that visitation time be set up between the children and other relatives who want to see them.

Child Support

A family law firm can also represent you if you need to ask the court for a child support order. The other parent may not want to pay support to you. He or she may argue that he or she lacks the money to pay out a full support order.

Your attorney can present evidence to the contrary and ask the court to implement a support order that is fair to your children. You can get the money that you need to take care of your children satisfactorily.


Finally, a family law firm can handle a divorce case if you plan on ending your marriage. You may not want to handle the complexities of it on your own. You can have your attorney file the paperwork, represent your best interests, and advocate for your safety. You can end your marriage legally and as quickly as possible without having to file the paperwork on your own or represent yourself in hearings.

A family law firm can handle complex legal cases involving relatives. You can hire an attorney to file for child custody and ask the court to award you custody of minor children in your family. You can also petition for child support to support your children and file for a divorce.