What To Know About Divorce And Running Afoul Of Orders

No matter how emotional you may be about your divorce, you should never lose sight of the fact that divorce is a legal affair. Often, the divorce process means a series of legal actions that culminate in the final decree. The final decree is not the end of the proceedings, however. If issues like child support and custody give rise, more orders are sure to follow. When you or your ex fail to obey an order from the family court judge, there are consequences. Read More 

Tips For Deciding On Alimony Payments

You may have thought that the court will decide many matters revolving a divorce, but you actually have a lot of control if you can work with your current spouse on some key details. One thing that you can work out in mediation are any alimony payments that should be made after a divorce. Here are some tips that will help you negotiate these payments and come to an appropriate agreement between the two of you. Read More 

What To Know About Taking A Spousal Support Lump Sum Payment

Divorcing spouses have another choice when it comes to the manner they get their spousal support payments. Whether you call it alimony, maintenance, or spousal support, you have the option to either get regular monthly payments or take it all in one lump sum. Needless to say, to take the lump sum option the ex-spouse should be financially able to honor it. Read on to find out what the advantages of taking such a payment might be. Read More 

Understanding A Few Defenses Of Battery

If you have been charged with battery—harmful physical contact—and are concerned about whether the charges can land you in jail or not, then you should speak with a criminal defense attorney. The professional can assist you with your defense, and there are a few things that the legal expert can argue. If you want to learn about a few of the defense types, keep reading. Defense Of Property While some individuals will claim that they were defending themselves when resorting to physical violence, this is not always accurate. Read More 

Covering Your Digital Tracks When Contemplating Divorce

The internet can be a valuable source of information, especially when you are developing a strategy for separating from your spouse. However, whatever you search online can be used against in court by your soon-to-be ex-spouse looking to wring every ounce of the advantage he or she can out of the situation. When you're in the process of preparing for divorce, here are a couple of tips for covering your digital tracks to prevent your online activities from hurting you in court. Read More