Take a Child Abuse Charge Seriously

The justice system has zero-tolerance for crimes against children. So, if you have been charged with child abuse ā€” you must take the matter seriously. An accusation of child abuse has a complicated process. If you are innocent, you need to prove that you are taking the accusation seriously. 

The Accusation

Child abuse is a wide-ranging crime. It can involve everything from striking a child and causing physical injury to sexual abuse to neglect, such as putting a child in an unsafe environment.

Understanding what type of abuse you are being accused of is very important because it will offer details about how you will be charged, such as in a felony or misdemeanor class. You and your attorney should discuss if there os an opportunity to have the charge dropped to a lower level, such as to child endangerment. Make certain you collect all the facts. 

Physical Evidence Is Not Necessary

For any person facing this type of charge, it is very important to understand that physical evidence is not the benchmark for guilt. Again, child abuse comes in all sorts of forms. Therefore, even if the child was not injured while in your care but they were at risk of being injured, then you can still be found guilty by a judge or jury.

In other words, do not assume that you have nothing to worry about just because you're innocent or because the child does not have any injuries.  

In Lieu of Jail

A jail sentence is a common outcome for people who are convicted of this crime. However, in some instances, the law does allow for alternative sentencing. This sentencing usually combines things like paying a fine, probation, temporary loss of parental custody, or therapy programs.

If you know that you did not act in the best interest of the child, but you want to prove to the court that you want to be accountable for your actions and make better choices going forward, you do have the opportunity to fight for one of these options. However, understand that the process is not easy. You often need an attorney who will present the facts and show the court your remorse and commitment to do better. 

The penalty for child abuse can be extensive. If you are facing this accusation, remember that it is always a good idea to partner with an attorney to ensure your rights are protected. 

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