Five Things You Should Do If You Are Arrested For A DUI

Being arrested for a DUI is never a good thing since it can stay on your record and possibly lead to some jail time. However, there are actions you should take to ensure your consequences are minimized to help yourself financially and legally. Here are five things you should do:

  1. Talk With an Attorney Right Away: As soon as you have been arrested, you should talk with an attorney right away. This way, your attorney can work on getting your bail reduced or at least getting started on working out a bail agreement so that you can get released more quickly since bail isn't usually set for some time. An attorney will ensure that you are allowed bail more quickly. 
  2. Schedule a DMV Hearing: If your court date is a week or so away upon being released from jail, you are going to want to schedule a DMV hearing. This is going to allow you the privilege to drive during this time before your consequences are set by the court. 
  3. Follow the Court Rules: The judge may have you go to AA meetings or driving school, in which case, you must follow through. Otherwise, you are subject to fees and will have your license suspended until further notice. Besides, most of the time, the judge will take away your privilege to drive until you finish AA. 
  4. Don't Talk About the Case: Until your case is resolved, you should not talk about it, especially on social media. The problem with this is that it can affect the outcome of your case. If you go back to court after your AA meeting or paying fees in order to get your license back and the judge finds that you have been talking in a negative way about your case or even that you have been posting about driving when you shouldn't have been, your license will still be suspended most likely. 
  5. Do Not Wait: Whenever you are having problems getting your license back, you should not wait to get help from an attorney. Otherwise, your license can be revoked completely and, at this point, it becomes extremely difficult to get it back. 

When you know these five things to do after you are arrested for a DUI, you can be sure that your consequences are not more severe than they should be. On top of this, your attorney is going to ensure that your rights are preserved. 

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