Reasons That Could Qualify You For A Change In Custody

When you make a custodial agreement, the court will sign off to say that they approve of the arrangement and that it is fair. If you should feel the need to change the custodial arrangement, you are going to need to provide the courts with an important reason, one that cannot be avoided. Here are some possible reasons that would qualify your custody arrangement for a change.

1. You Need to Leave the Country for Work

One reason why custodial agreements might change is if you need to leave the country for work. For example, if you get a job in a different country that cannot be done offsite, you are not going to be able to fully participate in a joint custodial agreement. You might need to change the custodial agreement so that you have custody over your children for a few months a year when they are not in school and have the other parent have custody during the other months.

This could also be the case if you are in the military and have joint custody with your children. If you are deployed overseas, then you will not be able to care for your children full time while deployed and you will need to ask the courts to augment your custody agreement.

2. You Can't Afford It

A second reason why you might need to change the custody agreement is if you are unable to properly care for your children on your current income. If you lose your job and blow through all your savings, it might make more sense to temporarily change the custody agreement so that the parent that has the full-time job still is able to take care of the kids and get them the clothes and shoes that they need. You will still have to pay child support, but you will have more freedom to work odd hours until you find a new, regularly paying job.

3. You Can't Mentally Handle It

A third reason why you might need to change custody is if you are no longer fit to care for the children. For example, if your medications that control your bipolar disorder stop working, then you might need to change custody for a short period of time while you get your moods under control again. Doing so will allow you to keep your children in a stable environment.

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