If You Hit The Lottery, Does Your Soon-To-Be Ex-Spouse Get A Share?

Congratulations! You gambled a buck, bought a lottery ticket, and won a cool $100,000! It's your lucky day! Unless, of course, you happen to still be in that state of "separated but not yet single" stage that occurs somewhere between marriage and divorce. In that situation, you may end up having to share your winnings. Here's what you should know. The Laws Of Your State Are An Important Factor The laws of the state that you live in are going to factor strongly in how the situation plays out. Read More 

Debunking The Most Prevailing Myths Women Have About Prenuptial Agreements

According to some of the more recent studies, the number of Americans opting for a prenuptial agreement before they tie the knot is on the rise. In fact, 63 percent of divorce attorneys claim that they have seen a rise in how many clients they have that are asking for this agreement. Even more interesting, 46 percent say that they have seen a notable difference in how many women walk into their offices looking to create a formal legal premarital agreement. Read More 

3 Ways To Protect Your Kids During A Divorce

If you and your spouse have made the decision to divorce, one of your biggest concerns might be the effects this will have on your kids. While divorce does affect children, you may be able to minimize these effects by handling the situation properly. Here are three tips to help you know how to protect your children during your divorce. Keep the kids out of it Divorces take time and can be messy, but they should not involve the kids. Read More 

Reasons That Could Qualify You For A Change In Custody

When you make a custodial agreement, the court will sign off to say that they approve of the arrangement and that it is fair. If you should feel the need to change the custodial arrangement, you are going to need to provide the courts with an important reason, one that cannot be avoided. Here are some possible reasons that would qualify your custody arrangement for a change. 1. You Need to Leave the Country for Work Read More 

Property Division During Divorce: What Will You Get?

If you are going through or considering a divorce, you may be wondering what will happen to your property or your spouse's property. Different states have different ways of dividing property, so much of what you will be entitled to depends on where you live. Here are a three possibilities. 1. Property Settlement Agreement One of the easiest ways to determine who gets what during divorce is by making an agreement with your spouse. Read More